Telegram has been one of the most popular applications in all over the world. This app is use in a wide range of countries. There is no doubt that Telegram is one of the best virtual networks in the world and Telegram subscribers are expanding a lot.
With the expansion of Telegram, many Telegram channels were created and little by little, the revenue from Telegram was formed, which today has hundreds of Telegram subscribers earning money from Telegram.

It is interesting to know that thousands of people earn a lot of money from Telegram! But what are the important criteria for having a great income from Telegram? Well, it may be guessable, the targeted and real Telegram subscribers  are one of the best criteria for the channel to prosper so that the more members you have, the more revenue you’ll earn.

telegram subscribers

But the fundamental and important question is:

How can I get Telegram subscribers?

In order to attract real Telegram subscribers, we need to be creative, and if we want to speed up our work, we might need money! But in any case, it doesn’t mean that you can’t earn millions of Telegram subscribers without money, because it’s completely incorrect and unreasonable, either based on experience or statistics and information on telegram revenues that have occurred in different countries.


  • start with your friends and family:

As you know, it’s harder to get a member to start with, because when you see your channel visitor and find out you have a low number of members, it’s quick to get out of the channel, so it’s best to get all your friends into your channel or group to start.


  • Take the basics quite seriously

It’s very important that your Telegram channel profile is completely dedicated and beautiful, and that you write good explanations for your channel and specify your goals from this channel, if your goal is to monetize Telegram, you should find a very good idea and don’t get hit the channel quickly. Finally, pick a short, beautiful and relevant Telegram channel name .


Note that you need to advertise right on the virtual network so that you can do the process of increasing the telegram membrane in a great way, for example, if your channel is about animal photos, just on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Search this hashtag #animal_photos , then write under each photo that I have a channel about animal photos, if you would like to subscribe to my channel.


  • Challenges and contests with prize

This is also a great way to increase the Telegram subscribers . I give you an example, assuming your channel is about mobile, ask users to send you their mobile photos and put the photos on the channel, any photo visited or liked higher wins the competition and for example 100 Dollars will win, this will benefit ten times than that amount.


  • interact with the users to create content

This is also an excellent way to keep Telegram subscribers satisfied and interact with them, for example send your ID on the channel and tell your users if they have a post about the channel to send it to me to publish it on the channel


  • Use Telegram hashtags

If your member wants to look for a specific topic, he or she will search for that hashtag on your channel and reach it faster, thereby satisfying and increasing the members of your Telegram channel.


  • Think and give creativity yourself!

These methods are really useful for you, but think yourself and be creative and tell yourself how to increase my Telegram channel subscribers? Maybe you’ll discover a new and wonderful way, too, because these methods were created by telegram channel administrators.


  • Post original pictures and texts

It’s very important that your posts are not copied! And if you write the channel address in the corner of the image in your photos, it has a great impact both for your branding and for attracting your Telegram channel.


  • Don’t forget telegram groups and supergroups

It’s better to work in related groups so that you can better recruit members, but the problem is if you put ads in a group or you’re erased or fired (by bots) so listen to our creative way right now ?

Name me: Look at my profile!
Then on your profile, leave the telegram channel address and telegram channel description ?
This method is one of the best ways to increase the telegram membrane with which I attracted many members.



In this article, we taught the best ways to increase telegram subscribers free of charge and talked about the impact of each one. Although these methods are relatively good and effective, but if you want to go further and have tremendous revenues from Telegram.